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Facebook, the social network par excellence, also has a version specially designed for Android portable devices.

Its options are practically the same as the computer version's, with the small difference that you can't play the majority of the videogames that are integrated into Facebook.

Games aside, you can have all of the information about your friends and acquaintances at your fingertips, see your wall, upload and download pictures, change your status, leave comments and a ton of other options that you can carry around in your pocket.

Facebook for Android is an indispensable application for users of the most popular social network in the world.It allows you to always be connected, anywhere and anytime.
Facebook adds weather updates and disaster alerts

If there's one tech company that continually tries to innovate in its apps, it's Facebook. With updates rolling out almost weekly, Facebook never stops moving to include new features that make its service more complete. Today we're talking about two novelties that deserve a look: weather updates and community notifications for disasters.
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Facebook updates its algorithm to combat fake news

Everything related to the recent election in the US has made tons of people question their confidence in FacebookThe fight against "fake" news is one of the latest objectives of Mark Zuckerberg's social network. After making several changes to its algorithms, it's back with a new update that aims to fight the plague of fake news.
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Facebook wants you to watch longer videos

Facebook is all the about the videos these days. They've become the social network's most seductive content and Facebook wants things to stay that way. That's why they've recently announced a new update in which video is the biggest star: it builds in incentives to consume video media of longer duration.
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