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Facebook, the social network par excellence, also has a version specially designed for Android portable devices.

Its options are practically the same as the computer version's, with the small difference that you can't play the majority of the videogames that are integrated into Facebook.

Games aside, you can have all of the information about your friends and acquaintances at your fingertips, see your wall, upload and download pictures, change your status, leave comments and a ton of other options that you can carry around in your pocket.

Facebook for Android is an indispensable application for users of the most popular social network in the world.It allows you to always be connected, anywhere and anytime.
Endless Lake: Lovely overhead-view runner that triumphs on Facebook

Water is one of those memorable foes that have tormented players since the birth of the gaming – impassive, immovable, and indestructible. Falling in water spells the end in a huge number of games – and Endless Lake is the latest title where that cruel death awaits you. That said, this time you're likely to be captivated by the loveliness of this lethal liquid, as well as everything else in this fun endless runner. This free title for Android is one of the most-played on Facebook Messenger's Instant Games.
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How to keep your social media posts private

I know, I know. The title to this blog post seems like a contradiction in terms. But no one can deny that permanently exposing your daily activity isn't healthy for anyone. In fact it's highly advisable to limit the reach of the things you post to ensure that not just anybody can find out everything you're up to (though this is also related to lack of restraint by hopeless digital exhibitionists in terms of posting pics and comments about their every move at all times). These days most social networks let you limit your audience to just your followers. Below we list a few tips on how to take advantage of these tools to make part of your social network content private.
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Facebook makes you install Moments if you want to keep your photos

Don't panic. Nobody's going to lose all of their Facebook pictures, but you might have to do something about it to prevent that from happening. The official Facebook app has an option that allows you to sync all of your photos automatically from your Smartphone. The problem started when Facebook decided that from July 7th onwards, if you want to save all of your images you'll have to install Facebook Moments, another official app belonging to Facebook that helps users to manage and share their photos.
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